Vulcan Drifter Riders (VDR)

This site is intended to be a resource for Vulcan Drifter Riders. It has always been harder to find gear for the Drifter, its unique suspension and small production numbers have impacted aftermarket development of accessories. But, drifter riders are resourceful.We'll add to the site as VDR's tell us what they want to see. There is a lot of great information out there, we've developed some and linked to some. If you find something that needs to be included let us know.


The only requirement for getting a VDR# is to have an interest in Vulcan Drifters. There is a registry form, just fill out what is applicable and leave a comment if you wish. You are immediately listed in the database. To find your number come back to the registry and search by your first or last name, or nickname. If you want your picture in the registry just email those to us.

Vulcan Drifter Registry

This ONLY registers your bike. It does NOT register you in any of the other areas of the site.